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Main course
Meals from the Indian tandoor oven
200 g Tandori chicken... 265,00CZK

Chicken baked in Tandoor with bone

200 g Chicken Tikka... 265,00CZK

Chicken pieces marinated in Indian spices (mild)

200 g Chicken Filet... 265,00CZK

Chicken skewer on more hot way

200 g Lamb Tikka... 295,00CZK

Pieces of lamb marinated in Indian spices

200 g Tiger prawns tandoori... 395,00CZK

5 pieces of tiger prawns in the special indian spices

Vegetable dishes
 SABZI... 225,00CZK

Mixed vegetables in Indian style


Mixed vegetable in indian wise style SPICY


Mixed vegetable in indian wise style very SPICY


Mixed vegetable in indian wise style extremely SPICY


Chickpeas cooked in indian wise styl (fresh vegetables, chickpeas and indina spices)


Black indina lentils in cream sauce

 DAL TARKA... 225,00CZK

Yellow indian lentils with curcuma and coriander


Spinach in indian style with cheese

 PALAK ALOO... 225,00CZK

Spinach in indian style with potatoes

 ALOO GOBI... 195,00CZK

Culiflower, potatoes and tomatoes in indian wise style

 ALOO JEERA... 195,00CZK

Roasted potatoes with indian spices

 ALOO MATAR... 195,00CZK

Potatoes with peas and indian spices


Potatoes in hot suce (ginger, onion, garlic).

200 g Chicken Curry... 270,00CZK
 Gentle chicken curry  
200 g Chicken Madras... 270,00CZK
 Hot chicken curry  
200 g Chicken Vindalo... 270,00CZK
 Very hot chicken curry  
200 g Chicken Phall... 270,00CZK

Chicken curry extremely spicy

200 g Chicken Tikka Masala... 275,00CZK

Grilled chicken pieces in tomato-cream sauce

200 g Butter Chicken... 275,00CZK
 Pieces of chicken in creamy sauce  
200 g Lamb Curry... 365,00CZK

Gentle lamb curry

200 g Lamb Madras... 365,00CZK

Hot lamb curry

200 g Lamb Vindaloo... 365,00CZK

Lamb curry very spicy

200 g Lamb Phall... 365,00CZK

Extremely spicy lamb curry

200 g Prawns Curry... 295,00CZK

Prawns curry

200 g Prawns Madras... 295,00CZK

Prawns curry spicy

200 g Fish Curry... 285,00CZK

Gentle fish curry

200 g Fish Madras... 285,00CZK

Fish curry spicy

300 g Lamb biryani... 435,00CZK

Basmati rice boiled with small pieces of lamb and indian spices

300 g Chicken biryani... 335,00CZK

Basmati rice cooked with pieces of chicken and Indian spices

300 g Vegetable biryani... 295,00CZK

Basmati rice boiled with mixed vegetable and indian spices

300 g Prawns Biryani... 365,00CZK

Basmati rice boiled with prawns and indian spices

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